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Command Center Based Monitoring Sytems

Church Safety & Security Training

Tactical Security Protection Academy specializes in designing your security plan according to your specific security needs and concerns to further enhance its’ clients’ ability to recognize potential threats, while making an informed decision of which

security measures to employ.

Tactical Security Protection Academy will provide its clients valuable training solutions that most church leaders probably never thought to ask before and/or is a must before implementing their security program.

TSPA also recommends that churches invest in security cameras. We can install a high-speed internet feed that sends a real-time signal from every camera installed directly to your onsite Security Command Center Operator.

This Command Center will assist churches in identifying safety and security risks promptly while directing and supporting your church's security team. It is also where the proper authorities such as, EMS, Fire and Police can be alerted to the scene immediately.

. Enhance Security

. Policing Safety Risks

. Off-Site Video Surveillance

On site security command center operators become your remote eyes and ears for your church. Virtually unnoticed in their monitoring efforts, operators are able to observe suspicious behavior, unauthorized personnel and even minor disturbances that could escalate into something more serious.

Cameras also keep an eye on your own security officers to ensure officer safety while minimizing unnecessary disruptive movement during church services...

Each client/church will receive an individualized and specific security plan based on church location and layout, potential external threats, potential internal threats, and more. Concerns like Preventing Lawsuits; Church fires: Property Damage, Health Emergencies, Theft, and etc.

The courts now recognize that injury resulting from a religious organization’s negligence is no less painful, disabling or financially damaging than injury resulting from any other person’s or organization’s negligence. Large courts award against religious organizations to attest to their equal status in today’s legal arena.

Tactical Security Protection Academy will provide its clients with knowledge and techniques to protect the church property, members, children, staff, and more.

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Contact TSPA today for an in house security plan tailored to meet the specific needs of your church. Create your own Security Ministry Team.

Church Safety & Security Training

Over 40% of all churches have encountered some form of threat or other emergency this year and over 65% of churches currently do not have an active security plan in place.